Saturday, September 03, 2005

Side Effects SUCK - natural homeopathy RULZ

I'm looking for an international importer of herbal viagra. If you know of someone who has this product please comment here, rather than anyone else's blog.

Going bald

It's the great sadness of every man rounding the corner to his early 30s: thinning hair. WHEN, people, WHEN will scientists come up with an effective cure for hair loss?!?!

New bank account

I've established a new bank account but it's so empty and lonely. What I'm hoping for is that somewhere out there, I can hook up with some royalty from a war-torn area that may need to shuffle money out of the country. Perhaps if I let them use my new bank account, I can get a percentage of the cut. I know it's a long shot, but a guy can dream. If anyone reading is just this sort of royalty, please do let me know.

Where the hell can I find a great online casino?

Does anyone know of a great online casino? Preferably one where I might win millions instantly?!